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Woo Netherlands!

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Serhat turned up like this. Almost like he knew he would be waltzing into top ten with the public.


This incredible woman exists. The whole winners mashup was a superb interval worthy of Love Love Peace Peace. But Eleni’s Dancing Lasha Tumbai was a particular highlight.


Then this sex pirate arrived on the scene…


These Belarusian votes were an entirely fictional mess.

Belarus Vote (2)

The glow up for Macedonia is unreal. Who’d have thought going from ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of’ to ‘North’ could utterly transform their Eurovision chances. Fair play to them, it was fantastic to see.


But the public vote? Who won the public vote? Well thanks to the daft new voting sequence we didn’t know on the night. We had to find out later but boy was it worth it…

2019 Scoreboard (2)

YES! Keiino actually went and won the bloody televote. Joik-bangers are here…

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I wake up wanting to kiss you.

I wake up wanting to kiss you.
I fall asleep doing the same.

The feeling is growing inside me
But I’m learning to live with the pain.

I wake up wanting to kiss you.
The pressure it builds like the sea.

Each morning gets longer and longer;
The longer you’re parted from me.

Today I woke wanting to kiss you.
When I turned, I found you asleep.

I refrained then from all my desires.
As this memory I wanted to keep.

I spent a whole year wondering

I spent a whole year wondering
Of just how it would be
If my love for you was matched
By the love you held for me.

I spent a whole year wondering
If it could be true
If your lips would feel as soft
As the rest of you.

I spent a whole year wondering
If sometime soon there’d be
No longer just a you and I
But that there was a We.

But now I sit here wondering
Just what it is I’d do
If one morning, I woke up
And there was no longer you.


The nimble branches long had stood

and cooled all with their shade.

Beneath them there, the adults sat,

around them, children played.

But high above in the luscious bows

where the leaves can tickle skies.

A lone man sits and dreams his dreams

and lives his other lives.

First time Blogger…

So, this is my first blog. Ever.

To many this won’t seem a big deal and to others; those who have kept diaries, blogs and possibly vlogs for years, it will be quite the opposite.

Basically, this blog is for me to post up poetry and spoken that I have written. Most of it will probably be simply text but I may, if I can figure out how/ am allowed, post videos of me speaking some of it (mainly the spoken word for obvious reasons…).

My intention is to post something every week at least but as I have a backlog of stuff that i could technically post, this may be heightened somewhat early on.

So, I hope you enjoy and if you do, please share this with your friends!

Thanks, Arcair.